There is very little running water for the 70 miles between Ellensburg and the North Fork Teanaway River.

Camping & lodging

Except for the area between Table Mountain and the Middle Fork Snoqualmie, camping is only allowed in designated areas.  The Iron Horse Trail has a lot of designated campsites.  There is almost no camping between Seattle and North Bend, but there is Uber and hotels.


There are no town stops between Blewett Pass and North Bend, so we cached food in bear canisters near the Salmon La Sac Road.

Switching from cycling to hiking

When we switched from cycling to hiking near Blewett Pass, we stashed our bikes in the forest and locked them to trees.

Cache setup & teardown

Starting from Seattle, it took a full day to set up our caches and a second day to pick up our bikes and empty caches.