graphic programs -- www -- entertainment -- TeX -- Mathemathica -- security -- programming -- data structures -- weather -- info -- UNIX OS's for x86's -- UNIX info -- ftp -- fonts -- UofW -- search engines

graphic programs Photoshop-like for UNIX
imagemagick graphics package for UNIX


Apache httpd server runtime configurations
NCSA httpd Home Page
server side includes
common gateway interface (CGI)
beginner's guide to HTML
HTML quick reference
HTML quick reference (gone?)
imagemap tutorial
client-side imagemaps
animated gif's
http protocol



music, Suzanne Vega
music, Sky Cries Mary
music, unofficial Sky Cries Mary page
music, nico
music, The Colorifics
music, Combustible Edison
music, dada
music, Space
sports, juggling information service
sports, Timberline ski area
sports, Mt Hood Meadows ski area
sports, Ski Bowl
sports, Racquetball rules
author, Nathaniel Hawthorne
author, Edgar Allan Poe
author, Kahlil Gibran
Project Gutenberg, a large collection of online-literature
TV, ER homepage
funny, rec.humor.funny home page and archives
funny, Sally Forth comics
funny, Rose is Rose comics
The Infinite Book of Knowledge
Eric Conspiracy home page
Peter Van Linden


Perl info
Perl reference material
Perl5 info
TCL WWW info
PostScript, A First Guide to
Postscript Resources
Java tutorial
Java v1.1 API
Elm Filter Guide
C tutorial by Brian W. Kernighan
C++ resources
Netscapes JavaScript Reference and Tutorial
SQL tutorial
Scheme reference
Scheme resources
Intro to ML
The Standard ML Basis LiBrary

data structures

Various data structures and algorithms
Data structure and algorithm dictionary
Combinatorial Algorithms
Handbook of Algorithms and Data Structures source code
Sorting cookbook
Ternary search trees


TeX User Group (TUG)
Extended Plain TeX (eplain) (add columns to your TeX documents among other things)
Psfig info (include PostScript files in your TeX documents)
TeX quick reference card (useful)
LyX WYSIWYG word-processor that uses LaTeX as its typesetter
TeX cookbook
Gentle intro to TeX (gzipped PostScript file)


Los Alamos Lab's Mathematica Tutorial (i like this one)
Wolfram Research: Makers of Mathematica
Wolfram has a number of Mathematica tutorials
Merriam Lab's Mathematica Tutorial
Intro and Quick Tour
Programming in Mathematica
Rewrite and Transformation Rules
UofOregon Mathematica info (they have a nice tutorial notebook here)

Security FAQs
Phrack Magazine
Bugtraq mailing list archives
security advisories from Secure Networks
ipfwadm Linux firewalling software
IP Filter packet filter, mostly for the BSD's


UofW Atmospheric Sciences home pages
CNN's 4-day Seattle forcast
The Weather Channel's 5-day Seattle forcast
Intellicast's Seattle 4-day forcast
CNN's 4-day Portland forcast
The Weather Channel's 5-day Portland forcast
Intellicast's Portland 4-day forcast
USA Today's city weather list


US locations of Value Villages
Computing Dictionary
Acronym finder
huge world-wide list of ISP's
PCL Map Collection
Mapblast, wow! find any spot on the map
Xerox world map server
RFC index, alternate site
RFC's searchable
reference shelf
WWWebster Dictionary
hypertext webster dictionary interface
japanese/american dictionary
alternate japanese/american dictionary
British to metric conversion
javascript measurement converter
locate people

UNIX OS's for the x86

i've moved my PC UNIX OS list here

UNIX info

Siag Office, free office package for UNIX
LyX WYSIWYG word-processor that uses LaTeX as its typesetter
Maxwell word processor for UNIX
StarOffice, office suite that runs under Linux, Solaris, and Java among others.
Andrew User Interface System -- an office suite of sorts for UNIX
Origins of UNIX and other cool stuff -- Dennis Ritchie's home page
Eric Raymond's home page
Clustering using Linux
My collection BSD info.
OS-BS boot manager
Linux IP Masquerading. (alternate site)
cheap linux stuff (i'm not advocating this)
Debian/GNU Linux
UnixWorld Online Mag
Price Watch -- hardware prices
The Andrew Consortium (UNIX office suite)


Linux Software Map
main GNU ftp site
mirror GNU ftp site
FreeBSD ports collection
FreeBSD ftp site (supports on-the-fly tarring of directories)
OpenBSD ftp mirror (supports on-the-fly tarring of directories)
Solaris 2.5 packages for Sparc's (for x86's here)
directory of ported HP-UX software
DJGPP, free DOS C/C++ compiler


type1inst, install those Type 1 fonts in UNIX
the internet font archives
list of sites with free fonts (no longer around?)
Kiwi fonts, wow!
UNIX font editor (not available yet)

Type 1

Jumbo! - Words & Graphics: Windows: Fonts
hellbox type foundry
Marty's Font Warehouse
Surface Type
Match Software Fonts & Scripts
Free Stuff!
Welcome to Vintage Type


ScholarPAC III info
Software resources
Seattle Metro info
Seattle Smart Traveler - Rideshare
U-Pass info
u-dub CS homepage
Univ. of Washington Computer Science & Engineering
academic calendar
CSE courses
University of Washington Internet Racquetball Ladder
Star Online
CS resume databank
CS timeschedules
Math Profs' office hours


All about search engines
hotbot (formely inktomi)
alta vista
starting point
Infoseek Guide
de ja news
vancouver WA yahooish site
what's new too?
starting point
internet sleuth
tribal voice
the www worm
list of more search engines
and more search engines
yahoo's list of search engines

places i might like to go to graduate school at

U of W
Oregon Graduate Institute
Carnegie Mellon
University of Illinois