Lookout Mountain (Teanaway)

From Cle Elum I drove Highway 10, Taylor Road, then Lambert Road. Most of Lambert Road is bordered by many "no trespassing" signs. I I parked on Lambert Road on some logging land on the NE side of Lookout Mountain. There were not any "no trespassing" signs on the logging land.

I headed up a logging road that petered out after a couple hundred feet. From there is was young forest, blowdowns, talus, and brush to the summit. The summit was very pleasant, it had good views and an alpine feel.

The summit also had a well-maintained trail that ran across the north rim of the mountain. It seemed to start on the east side of the mountain, but I didn't have time to follow it to its start. My guess it that the trail starts on Hidden Valley Terrace or Hazelnut Lane, probably on private land.

There was also a 4x4 road that ran to near the summit on the NW side.

  • Date:
    1 hour 31 minutes
    Elevation gain:
    1,000 feet
    Trip type:
    USGS quad:
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