Frog Mountain

Andrea and I parked at Jack Pass and headed NE up a logging road shown on USGS but not on Greentrails. (Both maps were useful because Greentrails has some roads that USGS doesn't show.) We followed some post-holing boot prints to a bunch of shot-up CDs, beer cans, and clay pigeons. We continued up the road up a few switchbacks to where the road ends at 3,520'. From there we traversed east to the ridge and followed the ridge to the summit. This wasn't the most direct route, but it worked well on skis.

This was an OK ski trip. I ended up snowshoeing the final couple hundred feet to the summit, and on the way down we snowshoed the section between the ridge and the end of the logging road. The logging road would probably not be steep enough to ski down in powder, but it was fine with spring snow.

  • Date:
    Elevation gain:
    2,320 feet
    Trip type:
    backcountry ski
    USGS quad:
    Blanca Lake
    North Fork Skykomish Drainage
    7 hours 8 minutes
    • 1 hour 49 minutes driving there from Lower Queen Anne to Jack Pass
    • 4 hours 38 minutes ascending from Jack Pass to summit of Frog Mountain
    • 2 hours 30 minutes descending from summit of Frog Mountain to Jack Pass
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