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Dave & Boni Deal live and work at their Livingston Mountain home in the Cascade foothills of Southwest Washington State. There they caretake a 160-acre tree farm and live a rustic rural lifestyle, enjoying the beautiful wonders of God's creation.

Dave creates the clay forms on his potter's wheel or with a slab-roller. Boni draws Pacific NW images onto the damp clay surfaces and helps with other surface designs. Dave does most of the glazing, the bisque firing, and the dramatic raku glaze firing.

A good less-than-10-minute video made for PBS TV shows the Deal’s at work at their home: www.opb.org/programs/artbeat/segments/view/136

Their three children all helped with the pottery from a young age until they grew and flew off on to their own life adventures. (Getting together as often as possible is Boni's delight.)

Our Family:
• Gabriel, graduated from UW in Math & CS, a senior designer at amazon.com, likes mountain scrambling (and can juggle four balls, with tricks)
• Sarah, an elementary school teacher, who also likes art and travel, will be off to Tanzania to teach for Wycliffe Bible Translators next year.
• Michael, an entreprenuer (meaning you never know what he's creating) has been successful in websites, software, and various interesting apps.
(They're all three incredibly wonderful, writes their unbiased Mom.)
• Dave's favorites include history, Bible study, Pacific NW plants, wildlife, geology, native art, running mountain trails, and spicy ginger cookies)
• Boni enjoys family and friends (can you tell), hiking mountain trails, the coast, and a good book on the couch with a coffee latte.
Photos show the Deal's pottery workshop, house, family at Ceramic Showcase booth, Dave & Boni.

Our firstborn, Gabriel, made this website for us in the early 1990s, when he was starting out to fullfill his longtime goal of a Computer Science major in college.)

When updating “About Us,” I nearly deleted Gabriel’s following writing, but, due to nostalgia, will leave it in as a historical note!:

There's five of us in all, Dave, Boni, and the siblings: Gabriel, Sarah, and Michael. Since 1976 we've been living at our home in the mountain backwoods of Camas Washington, a beautiful albeit primitive place to grow up (actually I moved out when I started college). Dave loves living without electricity and all the niceties that come with it (I did say primitive); as for the rest of us, we have our doubts (very strong doubts).

Interested in my brother? And then of course there's me.

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