Deal Raku “BONI'S PHOTO BLOG” our son Gabriel wrote most of our website (in 1995!), but here’s my page...

May 2014 Ceramic Show & LCC Class

hike booth SuzanneK's new mt triptych demo lcc
Lacamas lilies hike w/buddy Mary. Big annual Ceramic Showcase. Mtn Triptych from booth now living at it's new home! Lower Columbia College out to our place on lovely May Saturday.

April 2014 Prep for big ceramic show

Jump Gym leaf rubbing dave works outside bowls bfly panel
Dave doing handstand, we all enjoyed trampoline gym, til bully pushed Boni! Working on leaf-imprint pots. Batik bowls (raku is not for liquids but is good for decorative use or for dry items).

March 2014 Family, Show-prep & Ketchup

GrMa 90th beach skype OPB Art Beat showo wallplatter poster 3pack ketchup
Celebrated Gr'Ma's 90th late Feb. Beach Skype Sarah in Africa. OPB exhibit wallplatter. Boni graphic design: posters, cards, bookmarks; and 3-Pack Portland Ketchup (son, Michael, is co-founder)!

Febuary 2014 Snowy Valentines Studio Sale with Artists Lee Baughman and Susie Cowan

pots nearly done lees studio sale colorful batik mtn disc
Pots in workshop nearly done (Dave thru window). Feb. sale not well attended: snow & wind! Guess that means more for next sale -- see anything you like?! Batik Raku Mtns/Ferns wall disc 13" dia.

January 2014 Quiet January

new yrs day foggy days Natalies tiles fern moon pot
Dave & Boni's New Year's Day — hot coffee and Dave's ginger cookies — on Dog Mtn. • Plenty of gray foggy days this winter • Creating special tiles for Natalie • Fern Moon pot

December 2013 Pottery and family time

magnets nutcracker pot shop pink stool redwing blackbird 0
Gift fridge magnets from B's paintings • Christmastime in Portland • Typical wintery day in the workshop • Red-winged Blackbird Batik Bowl • M & O helped decorate Christmas cookies!

November 2013 Autumn and Audubon show

grma fall booth    
Boni & Mom take "Autumn Leaves & Ice Cream Outing" • An incredible year for colors! • Booth at Audubon Society of Portland annual "Wild Arts Festival"

October 2013 Oceanside and fall pottery workin'

dave works oceanside oceanside starfish PresthusTriptych
Dave finishing glazework on triptych commission • family favorite: October Oceanside beach trip • Oceanside low-tide: seastars! • "Cascade Mountains/River Triptych" special order for a special couple...

September 2013 Bye Sarah Japan Exhibit Beach-grass pot & Fern urn Winter comin

Bye Sarah moon-mtn_tile beachgrasspot Dave-woodcutter tall thin lp
Sarah back to Africa • Moon/Mtn tile: Sapporo Japan show 12"x12" • Beach-grass pot 5"x8" lost client's contact?(she found us!) • Fern Urn 8"x30" • Winter prep: Woodcutter Dave

August 2013 Ilwaco Peninsula Clay Artists Event Mt. Hood Timberline Trail loop backpack

family reunion ilwaco mt hod backpack mt hood paradise  
"Family reunion." Dave fires Tree Urn at Peninsula Clay Artists annual week-long clay event. Family backpack w/Sarah, we hiked around Mt.Hood on Timberline Trail: Lamberson Spur, Paradise Park.

July 2013 Tacoma Clay Art Center Raku Extravaganza! Sarah arrives! Home

robbiescoffeeshop firing ewer pot tableMtn daisies
Boni's wall of paintings at Robbies Coffee! Dave fires Ewer at Tacoma Raku Extravaganza, and participants' wonderful pots. Sarah stateside with family on Table Mountain. Daisy trail at our place.

June 2013 Cannon Beach "Plein Air & More" & White Bird Gallery w/Christopher Mathie paintings

B_D_BeachKiln plein air pots beach firing beach fired pot show
The Fields Rejoice triptych
TornEar and Fawn
Ptg egreet ewer
June top row: "Plein Air & More" Cannon Beach & show White Bird Gallery • above: Dog Mt Raven • Triptych at The Real Mother Goose • Out our window • Boni sells paintings at Robbies Coffee! Ewer.

May 2013 May activities

Big 60 Boni grma brokie leg oyster mushroom leaf rubbing Dog Mt
Boni: BIG b-day • week after our big ceramic show, Mom broke leg in 4 places! Dave holds down the fort, keeps meals (oyster mushrooms from our place) & clay going. God's glorious gorge flowers hike.

April 2013 Ceramic Showcase!

fern gathering clay note
dave and boni at booth
heron urn tall cylinder fern wrap
Dave fern gathering. Dave's humor (after I drew on one upside down)! 31st annual Ceramic Showcase. Camas Library gallery May show "Heron Urn" like one at Bailey's, Hilton Head Is., SC. "Fern-Wrap"

March 2013 March activity

judges2 deer
3-D Judges Boni & Dave pic by Cheryl Hazen • Spring deer at our place • Boni broke it! waaah! And it was an order! • Daughter Sarah's 3rd graders on pottery field trip, Dar es Salaam.

February 2013 "The Blues" show in Hood River, Valentines weekend sale, Wenetchee College raku classes

the blues dragonful plate detail
V-Day plate n bowl
Lisa's photo
"The Blues" show, wallplate & more at gallery, Hood River. Annual Valentines weekend sale w/artist friends! Dave & Boni demo at Wenatchee Valley College. Great photos Lisa Robinson & WVC!

January 2013 I love January! At home catching up, making pots, and trying to keep warm

our woodpecker
firing ed ragans urns
finished ed ragan urns
Blues triptychtile
Woodpecker friend out our front window. Dave firing a heron urn order, 1 min video; we did 3 and all turned out! One tile from triptych for "The Blues" show, Hood River, Oregon, coming Feb.

December 2012 this month: a new local gallery, Sarah's visit from Africa! AND Merry Christmas!

heron plate at B&C
Family Neahkahnie Mtn dec 2012
Boni snow dance our yard
Michael Lindsay Grotto Dance
Our work at "local" gallery Ballard & Call, Camas, WA. Sarah visits from Africa! Family on Neahkanie Mtn. Snow! - Boni happy dance in our yard! Michael & Lindsay happy dance at The Grotto.

November 2012 Wild Arts Fest, The Real Mother Goose, and of course, Pumpkin Pie!

Aud 6x6s
RMG platter07 T-Day skype
Can YOU guess which was Boni's 6x6 painting at Audubon's annual Wild Arts Fest? Took a good selection to The Real Mother Goose including this platter. Then THANKSGIVING at Mom's!

October 2012 Indian Summer at our place

our trees
our caterp89llers
boni batik
Near-daily walks in our woods. Waxing and glazing "batik raku" on an order for City of Camas delegation to sister city in Japan. "The Fields Rejoice!" one of the several different finished pieces*.

September 2012 Raku for Childhood's End October Show

round leafprint pot
fern triptych w-swirl
tall tree urn
We fired 3 of these leaf pots—one's going to the island of Malta! These and more at Childhoold's End Gallery—exhibit of our work. Lindsay & Gabriel—annual family beach weekend.

August 2012 Dave returns to claywork, Boni stays for Zanzibar & Tanzanian classroom help

Dave kneads clay
Zanzibar boatguy
Sarahs Masaii guards
Dave returns home (kneading clay). Sarah & Boni set up classroom, then enjoy 4 days in Zanzibar! Sarah's house, Masaii guards. Sarah with her Tanzanian 3rd graders. A most excellent trip!

July 2011 Tacoma Raku Event, Visit Sarah in Africa!

TAC tree urn
PDX to Africa
Clay Art Center annual raku day. Closed shop and Michael took us to PDX. Flew to Africa to be with Sarah! We 3 summited Mt. Kilimanjaro! Yes, Dave did headstand on top! Wonderful 1-1/2 mos!

June 2012 Daily work, Cannon Beach "Landscape Show," Rainier attempt...

B leaves June
cannon beach haystack rock triptych
rainier climb
Boni rubs leaves. Cannon Beach show includes triptych & large wall platter: White Bird Gallery, 251 N Hemlock S, Cannon Beach, OR 97110. Boni's Mt. Rainier climb attempt 6/2 (I'm #2 w/red pack!).

May 2011 Ceramic Showcase 30th year!, LCC College raku day at our place, Mothers' Day trek!

springtime aat our house
1980s Boni & Dave
raku treebowl
mothers day backpacking trip
Dave firing ewer LCCC
Springtime at home. 30th annual Ceramic Showcase, sold all our "Raku Treebowls"! Mother's Day backpack trip (Boni w/Gabriel). A great Lower Columbia Community College raku day at our place.

April 2012 Preparation for Ceramic Showcase and more...

Warner urn
Sarah's 3rd graders
Dave & Chickens
Portland Ketchup
Delivered Heron Urn(Christmas gift order) to lovely Camas home. Sarah’s class visits a pottery shop. We loghouse-sit & chicken keep! Boni does Portland Ketchup graphic design for Michael & Jeff.

March 2012 NCECA shows in Seattle-Tacoma, another "Tree Show" and The Oregonian article

snow SPS-show
Skamania Library show
landscape triptych
Oregonian article
SNOW and 3 group shows: in Tacoma, Seattle, and traveling "Tree Show." Dave & I were pleased with our new landscape triptychs! And The Oregonian published a fine article about our pottery!

Feb 2011 Snow and winter hikes

more snow
Table Mtn
Dave headstand firing
Dave likes working outside. A BIG Heron/Leafprint platter for The Real Mother Goose. We hiked Table Mt several times, each of us conditioning in our own way! (for Kilimanjaro) Dave fired tall urns.

Jan 2012 A Quiet Month

dave throwsDave throws Wagner's urn
our snowOur snow January 17th
bonis email"Boni's Office" tree stump
(email at good neighbors' wifi)
boni fave breakfastBoni's fave breakfast
Dave's lungwort lichenDave's Lungwort Lichen
Where did January go? I know Dave started some large pots & wall pieces for upcoming shows, because I was asked to draw in the clay. There was book keeping. Snow! 2–3 weeks of head colds!

Dec 2011 Christmas deliveries • Family Time

bowls to real mother goose
tall pot
Boni frosty DogMtn
grotto w Malones Sarahs Christmas 2011
Pots safely delivered and snug at galleries like The Real Mother Goose, Childhood's End, Columbia Arts, White Bird. Special Family times. Dog Mtn hike. Mass at the Grotto. Sarah's Christmas in Africa.

Nov 2011 November Audubon Society's "Wild Arts Festival" at Montgomary Park, Portland, OR

peregrine falcom and friend
Heron Uplifted wall disc
Boni's WAF painting D and B WAF booth 2009
A fun place, The Audubon's Wild Arts Fest. Left: Peregrin Falcon at 2009 show, raku wall disc "Uplifted" 13"dia., 6"x6" painting Boni donated for 2011 sale, D and B at 2009 Audubon show.

Oct 2011 Tree Show in Hood River • Childhood's End Gallery in Olympia

tree cylinder
Raku TreeBowl
Tree wall platter
BIG Mt Hood triptych
October show of new pieces at Tree Show, Columbia Arts Center Gallery, Hood River. LARGE Mt. Hood Triptych at Childhood's End Gallery in Olympia.

Sept 2011 Raku party at our place

Kevins photo raku party firing big pot
B n D w-pot#1 fired at raku party
potluck food
paint bowls
Bil Rhea throw at rakuparty Night last firing raku party
September raku party at our place, Dave fired two big pots, great potluck food, pretty bowls painted, Bill and Rhea at "throwng station,"full moon over last firing

August 2011 Show in Olympia ...AND "First Ever Batik Raku Workshop" at our home/workshop!

batik raku triptych
batik raku bowl
wax squeezebottle
workshop people
1st ever batik raku workshop
August show: a selection of 28 pieces of our raku at the beautiful Childhood's End Gallery in Olympia. And the First Ever Batik Raku workshop at our place! Two days with new artist friends (includinga unique trailer art couple and eminent Baker county artist), we had not only a good time, but also, great results!

July 2011 Excellent Raku Event at Clay Art Center, then Sarah flew to Africa...

Tacoma raku event
Sarah's shirt
Dave fires pot at ClayARtCenter
Dave & Boni's pot
participants pots PDX hug Sarah plane bye
Fun-filled day of raku (Dave firing: a short video thanks Sherry! Other photos thanks to Aleutwoman and Joe!) Sarah came with us, then flew away for 2 years in Africa the following Monday...

June 2011 June Show at Cannon Beach, Hood River, Wallowas trip

our White Bird show
circle show pot
a HeronMoon wallplatter
round leafprint pot
Wallowa Lake
Our June show at White Bird Gallery, Cannon Beach; some of our pieces in "Circle Show" at Columbia Art Center, Hood River; and end of June Wallowa trip (see what our B&B wrote about us!)

May 2011 Mother's Day month show with daughter Sarah

art show card
Sarah and Boni and art
coffee shop show
raven pot
Mother's Day month show of paintings at Guerra's coffee shop in Sarah's "hometown" Sunnyside, WA! Large Raven Sphere finds "home" w/wonderful artist Susie Cowan!


square plate
Batik Lady Urn
Dave 60 B-Day
Lots of work, then another great show and time to connect with pottery friends from over the years. Family at Showcase. Some pieces. Dave's B-Day 6-0 tandem paraglide over Oceanside!

Mar 2011 March Solo Exhibit, 42 pieces at local gallery

triptych cameo
We were blessed with a successful show, installed beautifully at Second Story Gallery, Camas, WA -- good folks at Camas Pulbic Library -- here are some new pieces, sold in the exhibit.

Feb 2011 February TV show still online, another peaceful month

firey gloves
show-Egret Ewer
Forgot to say that OPB-TV (Oregon Public Broadcasting) aired a 10-min. episode showing Dave’s dramatic raku firing and a clay demo. Still can view online at this link at OPB-TV website.
Otherwise life at the ole pottery shop has been peaceful and productive preparing for our March show at local gallery in Camas, WA, opening First Friday Mar. 4 (5-8pm), come visit us!

Jan 2011 Mild January Day

tailgate sales
D wood
Boni hauls loads
Heron plate truck-tailgate sale by Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge; as Dave watched a heron catch a fish (or frog?) a red-tailed hawk swooped to snatch it, but the heron won. We traveled on to the Sawyers' huge fallen Broadleaf Maple tree, for another pickup full. Dave sawed while Boni loaded (and enjoyed driving Sawyer's cute tractor & cart!). Last load at twilight...

Dec 2010 Year’s End

tall lp
heron urn
Galleries stocked, holiday shows over, then some new pieces and firings and fine time with family. Loki & Gr'Ma, the family at our home Christmas morning, Dave models M's new hat.

Sept-Oct-Nov 2010 Autumn at our place

Dave Fire Respirator pull pot reduciton barrel our waterfall Boni feeds her deer friends
Autumn at our place: Dave and kiln firings. Our waterfall. Boni feeds apples to deer friends in our side yard. Thanks for photos and a great Nov day Joe Carney, Roberta, and Gary!

August 2010 two summer solo exhibits, some new work...

White Bird Gallery show July-August Childhood's End show Aug-Sept "Batik Raku" triptych, each tile about 12" square
July-August, we delivered solo exhibits to galleries in Cannon Beach, OR and Olympia, WA. Each show - of about 25 to 30 pieces - includes our classical raku work and new directions. Mid-August Boni finally had gall bladder surgery after two years on a strict low-fat diet which didn't prevent frequent painful attacks, it is great not to worry.

July 2010 fun summer raku event at Tacoma, WA...

boni demo
Clay Art Center annual July event Dave throwing demo Boni demos surface design Raku firing another pot into reduction barrel Many successful pieces!
Annual raku glazing and firing event at Clay Art Center in Tacoma, WA. Another sunny fun day full of different glazing and firing opportunities. Many fine raku pieces, and some we will try to improve techniques on, next year! From beginners to professionals, I think most everyone had a some good successes!

June 2010 Pottery shop friends...

squirrel n Dave
Hmm, what do we see Looking at one another One of our new pottery shop tenants cute lil rodent

Couldn't resist photographing the new visitors to our pottery studio. They're inside, looking out. At one point TWO OF THEM stuck their heads out of the knot hole simultaneously! However, I could get only one to pose.

May 2010 L.C.C.College visits our place...

throw platter firing firing Dave n Boni
Our little home in the woods Dave demos throwing Centering clay for a large platter Pulling "Heron urn" from hot kiln Lowering urn into reduction barrel Dave, Boni & fired urn

Lower Columbia Community college pottery students visit our humble abode. (Thanks to Sandy Brown, who took a lot of super photos!)

04/24/10 Prep for Convention Center show

rub ferns
Dave's veggies for breakfast.... mmm! ROUGH booth sketch in the making
Boni rubs ferns into clay
Ceramic Showcase at OCC

Less than a week to go! (to Ceramic Showcase) I painted new pedestals and repainted our wall display in Mom's garage. Gr'Ma & Michael figured a unique and thrifty way to save our rug. Dave upped production: he has me doing leaf-rubbing, latexing, shading, leaf stenciling. I need to price, and pack pots and stuff for our booth.

Am doing a visual inventory in Adobe Illustrator, it's pretty fun, and easy to see how pieces will look in our booth. Drawing booth, pedestals, pots and wall pieces -- much easier moving em around on the screen than real life -- some of our pots are huge like rearranging furniture.

We're trying to work lots but not get too tired or sick. We keep up morning walks/runs and Dave makes wonderful veggie breakfasts. Hope we get enough sleep to feel perky greeting people at our booth. Good friends are praying all goes well, and that's the best!

04/01/10 Preparing a Show

Boni draws herons
our booth 2009
B draws on platter
Raku notecards
D cuts firewood today

Countdown... a month til Ceramic Showcase at Oregon Convention Center. Tons of preparation for a 3-day show. Our 20-foot wide booth space (!) will need extra lights, pedestals, rugs... AND lots of good raku pieces! Details about the show on our Shows page, and on the official OPA Ceramic Showcase site.

Besides scrounging firewood, Dave is working hard throwing pots. Today I'm drawing herons on large wall-platters, assembling raku notecards, starting new "coffee theme" pieces, and designing business cards. (Is your list also longer than what gets done?)

03/15/10 Gallery Exhibit Opening Night Fun

Jazz Trio
weird artists
Big Heron Urn
show shot
lampbase batik raku small fern pot LindsynJude ChainsawSculpture
Jazz trio
Janice's plate, weird artists
48" tall "Heron Urn"

B. H. Gallery exhibit

"Salmon" Lampbase, 15"h

"batik raku" large wallplatter, 24"dia. "Leafprints & Fern" pot Vashon roadside art Opening night

Our new show is successfully launched! 30 pieces are exhibited at a beautiful place with gracious people. I fell in love with Vashon, an artsy island in Puget Sound. We've lived in the same place forever, but if we move, this island's on my list (and Michael's land on Big Island!)

Opening night at Blue Heron Gallery was perfect! Well displayed, well attended, good food and wine, a fun jazz trio, several sales, and some friends new and old. What more could we ask? Blue Heron Gallery is part of Vashon Allied Arts, a non-profit organization with a theater, galleries, dance, classes, and all kinds of events. Vashon Island is a short ferry boat ride from Seattle or Tacoma.

The show is up through March 25. A variety of sizes and forms, and different firing techniques are included: traditional raku, saggar-fired pieces, naked raku pieces, and a large platter done with what I call "batik raku."

The "ARTSY COUPLE" on our home page, true identity: our friends Jude and Lindsy Larson of Fox Island. Good to see you guys!