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Some goofy middle fork peak (attempted)

The logging road on the east side of Zorro Ridge ends near Little Comrade. From the end of the road it is an open-forest traverse to Little Comrade. Avoid brush by staying high at the slide alder on the east side of Little Comrade.

On the way we climbed point 4,280'+, immediately south of Little Comrade. We scrambled from the gully to the south up 3rd class rock, traversed a ledge to the right, and followed a ridge up to the left to where it met two sections of class 5 rock with a ledge with a tree in between. I led this, the second section of class 5 felt like 5.9 (I may be over-rating it since I was in boots with a full pack on my back), and belayed from a rock horn above. After this was a short 4th class section. The rest of the route north to the summit was 3rd class and exposed at times. There was no evidence of previous visitors at the summit. I left a cairn.

After the slide alder on the east side of Little Comrade, we made an ascending traverse through a brief stand of doug fir; then up a mossy, rough slab; through another brief tree section; and down a dirt gully. From here there were couple upward possibilities. We explored the first gully, which had an ugly class 4 section (perhaps we could have bypassed it to the right?) and above it was a rocky basin/gully that I looked at and decided we didn't have time for. It would definitely be worth exploring the two other gullys further west, I didn't have time to see if they went anywhere. The third gully may require descending and traversing low to get into it.

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